Version Two. Wall Speedway. Formula D

Version One. Wall Speedway. Formula D

Friday, June 11, 2010

New jersey...ugh.

So New Jersey was interesting to say the least. We (Team Kenda) made some changes to our car and now its getting even more grip. The s14 is defiantly turning into the FD beast we want. Dennis drove amazing all week, had a few bobbles in qualifying, but put up his two best runs yet against Dmac in Top 32. We can't wait for Seattle, but at the same time we are all dreading it. For us it's a straight 2 day drive, one way. But we're in it to win it, and always say we have something to prove and show we mean business.
NJ also had its shares of wild times off track too...mostly at Bostons' Sports Bar & Restaurant (which we had filled with drivers/media/awesome FD people), and also at the only BYOB Strip Club I've seen. Only in Jersey...
In video news-
Version One (of Two) for the New Jersey event of Formula D is up and running on! Be sure to stay tuned because Version Two is on its way!

Mark Lenardon

Friday, May 21, 2010

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Also, check out the latest Road Atlanta, Formula D video I shot. It is located on the bottom of the page with a a driect link to Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long time no see?!

So Ive been busy working away at shooting a bunch of Formula D stuff and heres the quick rundown.

FD Long Beach- I'm working with Team Kenda/Mertzanis this year and so JC Robinson, Jelani Winston, and yours truely drove the thousands of miles from Dennis's house to Long Beach. We made top 32 but were knocked out by Vaughn, who ended up winning. Coming back I alone was pulled over 3 times, hit a huge snow storm, tumble weed storm, and got my pro license thanks to the truck doing a suprise slide at 80mph.

FD Atlanta- This being Dennis's home town, we had TEAM ROWDY here. We again made top 32 but Tuerck got "lucky" and beat us. Nothing wild other than replacing a upright 30min before the top 32 began, due to the rumble strips shattering it on the last practice run. This event I also was able to shoot Dmac and had a blast doing it. Cool guy and as always got to hang with Roegge and BS about the midwest and what not.

In btw it all, I made it to the series premiere that I sponsor- Midwest Drift Union. All the recap is on and the video recap is below too.
Without delay, here's the lastest videos of Long Beach. Atlanta's in the works!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nothing like the cold in the Mitten...

So Novemeber is here and in Michigan that means cold...and usually followed by snow. I guess you can say it's our "off season" now but doesnt mean there are not any winter builds or more videos that are coming up. The latest work is Austin Barron's Driver promo that has been posted on here and note that it doesnt include the final text saying what Austin's car has exactly (i.e. Forumla Drift spec and all his positions from the events).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to MakeShift

Welcome to the first home of MakeShift Films. My name is Mark Lenardon, the creator/editor/director/videographer of the videos here, and JC Robinson is the photography wiz. Here we are trying to show you our world of racing, and show you why there is so much heart and passion to the sport we love. Be sure to add us on and check out the site from time to time for media updates, sponserships, even some help wanted.
Mark Lenardon